Brrr! 12 Ways To Keep Warm Without Turning On The Heat. Triple Dog Dare You to Try Number 11.

The last day of summer just passed on Friday and temperatures are dropping quickly! But have they dropped enough to start blasting the heat throughout the house? If you're like me, and you're not quite ready to switch from running the AC to running the heat, you transition into winter slowly. Here are some fun ways you can keep yourself warm before you give in to lighting up that furnace.

1. If you spend any amount of time at the computer, you learn how difficult it is to type when your fingers get frigid...

It's cold, you can handle it, but your fingers are feeling it and your productivity proves it. I might be a sucker for all things cute, but check out these USB powered hand warmers. They allow your fingers to stay free to type and work away while keeping the rest of your hands nice and toasty. 

2. And if toasty fingers aren't enough, why not cover your feet up in the sweetness of marshmallows covered in melted chocolate, with a graham cracker sole?

Yes, again, a sucker for cute, but this time with a sweet tooth. In all seriousness, your extremities experience heat loss before your core as your body attempts to preserve your heat to your organs and keep things running smoothly. But that doesn't mean it's comfortable. Warm up those feet

3. You've plugged in your phone, why not plug in your blanket too? These portable heated shawls are a great way to warm up quickly. 

It's great when cute meets comfort, but when it comes down to it, I'll sacrifice cute for comfort any day. Sunbeam is my go-to when I want instant comfort. And you don't have to wear it as a shawl. Drape this bad-boy around yourself wherever you're feeling the need to pamper yourself with warm fuzzies.

4. Drink tea. 

Specifically, drink hot tea. Try one of these adorable tea infusers. My favorite happens to be the sloth, but a photo just doesn't do it justice. And if you're seriously wanting to consider a tea that will keep you warm the longest, try skipping the caffeine. Of course skipping the caffeine is all up to you, but it does release hormones that produce adrenaline, one of which side effect is to cause blood to rush closer to your skins surface, resulting in heat loss. Of course, some of us [think that we] live on caffeine and ultimately it's up to you to decide if forgoing it is worth it. 

5. More hot drinks.

I kind of just had to post this mug because it was too adorable to pass up. However, other ideas for hot drinks include the classics, like hot cocoa, coffee (again, the caffeine), Irish coffee (a whole other can of worms here), cider, steamed milk--which is great for when before bed. Add cinnamon or other spices to increase the feeling of warmth. 

3D Hand-Painted Ceramic Coffee Mug


6. Let's not forget soup.

Sure, these two Loch Ness lassie ladles appear to be heating things up on their own, but let them help you. Make yourself some hearty soup of your choice (hot, obviously, the gazpacho isn't for this guide) and eat it, let it warm you from the inside out. Perhaps these two can warm your heart. Har. har.

Fibevon Nessie Soup Spoon & Colander Set


7. Turn on that oven and throw a cupcake party. That's a thing, right? Or just make some lasagna. Either way, now's the time to bake.

After you're done baking, turn the oven off, but leave the oven door open. The residual heat will disburse creating a nice radiant heat in the area. Make sure your family is aware that you're doing this, however! Burnt hands aren't helping anyone. 

8. Turn your ceiling fan on. Wait, what? If your ceiling fan is reversible, it can assist with evening out the warm and cool air.

Warm air rises and cool air falls. This is important to know. If you've got a ceiling fan with a "reverse" setting, that is, your ceiling fan spins both ways, set it to the setting which pushes the air down. Heat rises, so many of our homes end up with warm air in areas that we can't even use it, our ceilings, so run the fan in the reverse mode and push the heat down into your house.

Reversible ceiling fans are designed to move air around in a manner that helps to circulate the temperature appropriately for each season (in the summertime, set it to pull the air up, so that it pulls cool air from below).

9. Don't forget one of these this winter. You'll likely be using it until spring, especially during cold Colorado nights.

Find all of those drafts around the house and seal them up. A one-time purchase of door draft stoppers can be used every season. These, in particular, are 36" so they should cover the width of most exterior doors. At under $20, it wont take long before these pay for themselves. 

Evelots 36" Magnetic Clip-On Door Draft Stopper

10. Wear a hat! And why not take a selfie while you're at it. It'll get you up and about. It's exercise, right?

Like your hands and feet, you also lose a significant amount of heat right out of your uncovered head. Cover it with something and keep that heat in!

Lady French Wool Beret (multiple styles)

11. Who could ever find a better way to warm up your family than with matching Polar Bear onesies? Seriously.

Okay, maybe not that seriously. You have other options. You could also choose colors of the rainbow or perhaps each dress up as your favorite animal. Whatever the case might be for you, going all-out and dressing appropriately from head to toe (neck to toe if you want to get technical) is going to get you the best bang for your buck. 

SleepytimePjs Family Matching Polar Bears Onesie Footed Pajamas

12. Bring home a furry friend.

Local animal shelters do what they can to help our animal brethren in need, but resources are never infinite. Whether it's a forever home or you're helping out by fostering, there may just be a warm body waiting for you to take them home.

Fort Collins Animal House Rescue & Grooming