Dealing with neighborhood nuisances and annoyances


About a week ago when I was driving home from an appointment I saw a couple of people walking through the neighborhood throwing trash in someone’s yard. This is a situation you have probably encountered, finding a situation that needs police attention but doesn’t necessitate a 911 call.

It took me a moment to find the actual Fort Collins non-emergency number so I thought I would list them for the Larimer County area and write a little about the do’s and don’ts of non-emergency vs. 911 calls.

When would you call non-emergency? If an incident is more of a nuisance issue than a matter of public safety or serious crime or if some time has elapsed since the event has occurred and the subject(s) are no longer on premises you should call non-emergency.

If you are uncertain of which number to call, call 911 and the operator will help you determine whether this call requires emergency dispatch or if you should call non-emergency.

In situations where there is an immediate need for action call 911. Examples of such may include gunshots, fights/assaults, an in-progress crime such as a break-in, an impaired driver, or to report a serious crime such as sexual assault or robbery. Call 911 immediately if you encounter any situation such as these, or a potential crime you feel is about to occur, such as a conflict which appears to escalate into a violent encounter or a suspicious person or circumstance (someone casing out a property for robbery or vandalism).

Knowing which number to call can help keep line clear for important emergencies while still having attention directed at problem situations.

The non-emergency numbers for Larimer County locations are as followed:

Fort Collins 970 221-6540
Estes Park970 586-4000
Loveland 970 667-2151
Wellington 970 416-1985
Windsor 970 674-6400