An Advocate By Your Side.

If you're thinking about buying this is a MUST read.

As a potential homebuyer, it’s important that you understand the two different types of real estate agents. A seller’s agent looks out for the interests of the person selling the property while a buyer’s agent can serve as your advocate and potentially save thousands of dollars in mistakes during the home buying process. If that's not enough, here is a small and nowhere near exhaustive list of a few reasons to enlist a buyer’s agent’s help. 

1. They save time
These days, you can glean tons of information (not all of it accurate) on your own from the Internet. An agent can use their experience and expertise to streamline your search, guiding you to the properties that are truly appropriate and eliminating legwork on your end.

2. They have the inside scoop
Thanks to their professional network, agents often know of properties before they hit online listing sites.

3. They keep you in check
Shopping for your next home can be an emotionally charged, overwhelming experience. A buyer’s agent can help you keep your main objectives – and financial limitations – in mind as you sift through properties with alluring features.

4. They a have team of experts on speed dial
An agent can save you time, heartache and dollars by connecting you with trusted service providers such as painters, inspectors and insurance brokers.

5. They play hardball
Buyer’s agents are professional negotiators, with the skills and experience needed to get a fair price for you. 

6. They don’t get paper cuts
They’ll help you complete all the time-consuming paperwork accurately and on time.

7. They’ll be the first to congratulate you when you close
A buyer’s agent will be your advocate at closing, making sure all your interests are protected as you sign that pile of forms at the settlement table.